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Magforms makes design and manufacture easier.



Magforms is a manufacturer specializing in 3D printing technology solutions. We have provided high-quality 3D printing materials, equipment and printing services to 100+ countries and regions. 


Magforms' products include photopolymer resin and 3D printers. We provide widely used 355nm and 405nm high-performance 3D printing photosensitive resins for SLA, LCD and DLP 3D printers. The Helios-P Series and SL Series industrial grades SLA 3D printers provide cost-effective solutions to manufacturers, while the P Series professional grade LCD 3D printers offer a more professional and convenient solution.


Magforms provides professional solutions to customers in all walks of life, such as shoe, jewelry, entertainment, dental, engineering, electrical and electronic industries.
Magforms makes design and manufacture easier.

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Magforms Technology Co.,Ltd

● Email: info@magforms.com

● Tel: +86-760-86653899 

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Magforms is committed to establish a global sales network and currently has agents in France, India, Vietnam and Germany.

You can get in touch with us to acquire the contact information of our agents according to your region.Magforms looking forward to have further communication with you!