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Smarter and easier large-size desktop 3D printer
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Product Description

Large Printing Volume

277*156*380mm large printing size allows to print 3 general size shoe molds at the same time, the maximum shoe mold size it can print is 390mm.

Smarter and Easier

Flexible parameter setting makes the operators to set the printing parameter, adjust the UV light power and the Z-axis moving speed on the printer directly.

High Quality Printing

Keep high quality printing result when printing large parts. P13 prints parts with high accuracy and there nearly no printing lines on the surface.

High Printing Success Rate

With the 2 heating outlets, the heating system of P13 enables more uniform heat in the printing chamber, which ensures the high printing success rate even in a low temperature environment. 

Auto-sensing Light

With the P13's auto-sensing design, the P13 print room can still be seen clearly in dimly lit environments.

* The light has been tested to have no curing effect on the resin.



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